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A playground where exhilarating creativity meets engineering precision to produce exceptional results.

our core tenet

Everything is possible. All we need to do is FIND A WAY.

Our mission is to empower brands to achieve unparalleled digital presence through innovative, data-driven social media strategies that engage, inspire & convert.

We are here to level the playing field. We believe money is not the determining factor behind the success or failure of a business, but good marketing is.

why are we so effective?


We start by analyzing where your brand is and understanding where you want it to be. What’s helping your objectives and what is not.


Research what is working for you, what isn’t, and what will. We’ll have broad recommendations for you at this stage. If you wanna part ways, no hard feelings. But you wouldn’t.


We have developed the Diffraction Method which breaks down the components that your brand needs to achieve virality on social media. And believe us, it’s different for every brand.


We are driven by data. We closely track the right metrics and are not afraid to experiment or pivot, and this is how we yield results. 

our packages

Find the package that suits your business and includes the marketing elements you are looking for.
Ignite Spark package graphic
From $895 / mo

Starter package. Best for small businesses just starting with social media marketing.

  • creating/optimizing social profiles
  • content strategy for the preferred platform
  • scheduling and posting three posts per week 
  • engagement management
  • monthly analytics report
Momentum Master package graphic
From $1,795 / mo

Perfect for businesses seeking the right strategies to grow their presence and feed the sales funnel.

  • everything in ‘Ignite Spark’
  • SEO optimization
  • advanced integrations including GMB, GA4 & Facebook Ad Manager 
  • content templates
  • multi-platform management
  • monthly analytics and strategy review
Zen package graphic
From $4,995 / mo

Ideal for businesses seeking a comprehensive social media strategy. 

  • everything in ‘Momentum Master’
  • influencer partnerships
  • comprehensive ad strategy
  • ad management
  • crisis management
  • quarterly strategy review
  • and more…
package graphic
Standalone offerings to be availed separately or as add-ons to any of the above packages.
  • Strategy Consult – $100 / hr
  • Custom Content Creation – Pricing varies
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the company we keep

what sets us apart

for all digital properties

content creation

Ever heard of the phrase – ‘Content is King’? 
We believe in this out and out. Content is at the center of everything we do. We started as creators ourselves and we are here because we did it right. Don’t worry, we got this covered for you.

brand awareness to conversion


From influencer marketing to targeted ad campaigns, we’ve got you covered. Being creators at the core, we have the vantage point of the creators. This gives us an edge that brands and most agencies out there will never have.

social media

social media management

End-to-end management of your brand across social platforms. We manage everything from posting to engagement to responding DMs more.

a modular approach

a whole team by your side

We constantly engage with hand-selected experts in domains like web design, graphics design, SEO, SMO, and more. We know how and when to bring the best team for the job at hand. Our modular approach to expertise enables us to stay nimble and effective in our strategy and execution.

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